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A Guide to Finding Quality Senior Living Centers That Will Help Your Aging Parent

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Finding a senior center is never truly easy, as there are many variables to consider. However, the following short guide should give you some idea of where to start and how to at least consider your options before deciding on a suitable arrangement:

  1. Start by asking your doctor to recommend a type of senior center that’s suitable for your aging parent based on their condition. They might recommend a senior living Denver memory center, an assisted living facility or a nursing home, depending on how much daily support and supervision will be required.
  2. Get to work researching the senior living centers that are closer to your house. You’ll want to be able to visit when you have to or schedule a visit when you or your parent wants to connect, even if you’re busy with work.
  3. Don’t limit yourself to just read the pamphlet and talk to the reception on the phone. Schedule a visit and check out the facilities, options and approach that each senior center has, before making your final decision.
  4. Make sure you consider the costs. The rule of thumb is typically that senior centers offering greater support and medical supervision will be more costly.
  5. Never forget to consult with your elderly mom or dad, and ask them what they would like. While you might not be able to offer them exactly that, depending on your financial limits and their need for medical support, you can always aim to make a good compromise that will help them get the most of what they require, while also be given the support that they need.

Better Health for Aging Parents: Helping Seniors Adopt Healthier Eating Choices

As we get older, it’s very important to adopt better eating choices, and having a history of eating bagels and drinking coffee each and every day is not very helpful. If your aging parent needs to improve their diet – whether as a result of their doctor’s recommendation, or in general – it’s very important to show them loving support in doing so.

First of all, it’s important to know that your decision to support them will carry a lot of weight as it is. Simply the fact that you’re willing to put in the time and energy to help them will leave a deep impression that you actually care, and most seniors will see that as a positive incentive towards changing their habits.assisted living Denver dieticians

Experienced assisted living Denver dieticians confirm that adopting healthier eating habits has to be integrated into an overall healthier lifestyle, but the trick is to make sure that it doesn’t feel forced. Look up a diverse list of ingredients and foods that your elderly parent might still like, and then get creative. Track down online recipes and cooking videos to show how to cook some of the dishes, research foods that your parents can eat in larger amounts without getting sick (such as low GI foods for diabetics), and find alternatives to coffee, sugar and alcohol that still taste good, but are overall healthier to consume.

How Might You Be Able to Help Your Aging Parent Connect with You Online?

We live in the future, and even though there are no flying cars as of yet, there are advanced communication devices that we couldn’t even dream about just 20-30 years later. If you’re planning to set up your aging parent at an assisted living center, or they are already living in one of the many independent living retirement communities Denver offers, especially during COVID, you can have them communicate with you online without much of a problem. retirement communities Denver

Choosing the right phone or tablet is, first of all very important. While you might consider a laptop as well, depending on how much your senior loved one likes to browse the web or watch movies, tablets and phones are typically smaller, easier to access, and more interactive. Of course, choosing the right one doesn’t just have to do with advanced features, but also with how these devices are designed with the elderly in mind.

Consider looking up devices that are easy to grasp and that your aging parents won’t drop too readily, even if their motor skills are a bit impaired. Also, there are a lot of apps available for configuring these devices to show larger and bolder text on the screen, make accessing video chat and social apps more easily, and setting up helpful voice commands and voice assistant technology, so they don’t even have to look at the screen to access helpful information or to call you whenever they need to talk to you.

What Types of Services Do Skilled Nursing Facilities Offer?

When you’re considering taking your aging parent to a Denver skilled nursing facility, there are a few important things you have to know about. First of all, these facilities are mainly for elders who can no longer take proper care of themselves and need constant supervision so they won’t hurt themselves, or so that they can keep up with their advanced treatments and medication. Second, joining one of these centers can be somewhat costly, but the benefits they offer will definitely exceed your expectations in most cases.

First of all, we have to speak about the staff. The people who will be taking care of your elderly parent are not only true professionals, but also trained to be kind, patient and able to offer a lot of emotional support. In this day and age, that’s probably one of the best advantages you can have.

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Skilled nursing facility Denver medical providers will offer your senior parent emergency services within moments if there is an accident or injury. There are also access card elevators and doors that prevent seniors who have cognitive issues from accessing dangerous areas or wandering off the grounds, without actually being confined.

Finally, the skilled nursing facility Denver medical support is quite significant. From massage therapy to extensive psychological and psychiatric support, many nursing homes offer everything your aging parent will need for maintaining and even possibly improving their health to some extent over time.

What Types of Activities Are Available at Assisted Living Facilities

Assisted living is often put in the same basket as nursing homes. Because of the bad reputations that nursing homes have due to the lack of freedom they provide for elders, it can be hard to see the positive in going to live at an assisted living center.

However, as you will find, the level of freedom you can have there, combined with the community activities and the greater variety of overall activity you can consider will likely make you change your opinion:

  • Assisted living centers typically have common areas, restaurants and other places where seniors can socialize and make friends. Some even have unique activities, such as painting classes and group reading or crafting activities that can really bring the community together.

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  • Hitting the gym is also a great way for elders to spend time and socialize. Some of the best luxury assisted living facilities Denver has offer state-of-the-art equipment, and classes designed to improve elderly fitness. Gym goers are healthier and better able to connect with people, and in many cases they will feel a lot better as well.
  • Depending on the assisted living center that you chose, there are also a lot of activities involving greater freedoms that are allowed for elders who don’t necessarily need a lot of supervision. For instance, you can opt to visit the local supermarket or cinema, and the staff will even drive you there, so you can just relax and have fun on the way.