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How to Save Money on Assisted Living Costs

Despite the fact that assisted living is not covered by Medicare, there are several things which you can do to save money on assisted living costs. After all, it is good to know that your senior loved ones are properly taken care of, while also not having to stress too much about the financial aspects of this matter.

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Researching and touring assisted living Denver communities may help you make the best decisions. At the same time, you can discuss with a government official, volunteer or other people involved in assisted living communities, and who can provide you with useful information, so that you can make wise choices.

There are many special offers and incentives, so prices can actually be flexible, and sometimes even negotiable. Thus, the community may be open to negotiate its monthly prices, for instance.

Selling or surrendering a life insurance policy can also help you cover the costs for assisted living. In order to save money, you can consider finding a roommate. Another potentially good idea would be to enroll in discount programs designed for low-income seniors.

Another solution would be to ask for help from an assisted living Denver financial advisor, who can help you find the best solutions for your actual situation.

Understanding & Dealing with Dementia

Dealing with dementia can be quite challenging, and people suffering from this condition need a lot of support from their family members, in order to feel they are included in their lives, and that their feelings do count. It is important for the caregiver to understand how those suffering from dementia feel and think, so as to adopt the right kind of behavior, for the benefit of all persons involved.skilled nursing facility Denver caregivers

First of all, it is important to focus on the present, namely on what the person feels, not on what they can remember. Most people dealing with dementia experience loss of memory and difficulties to think and remain focused. Due to this fact, they may lose their self-esteem, confidence, and sense of independence, social relationships, and the ability to do daily chores and to do activities they once enjoyed, such as hobbies.

Skilled nursing facility Denver caregivers reiterate that people suffering from dementia may have trouble communicating, as they tend to forget words. Because of that, they may become withdrawn and isolated. So in case the person finds it difficult to speak, you can try and communicate slowly, with simple words, and also decipher the body language and gestures, which they can still use to render their feelings and desires.

How to Choose the Best Retirement Community for You

As you get older, you discover that you need a more special kind of community for retiring. You may need special living assistance or want to be around people who are closer to your age, or you need a more peaceful and quite place to live in.

Choosing the best retirement communities Denver has to serve your specific needs may often be a bit challenging, but with good research and proper guidance, you can make the right choices.

A good retirement community offers a wholesome approach, based on several specific needs of seniors, and not only: physical, intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and vocational aspirations.

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In order to have all these necessities fulfilled, retirement communities in Denver often organize workshops, lectures, special events, exercise and fitness classes, and so on. The ages of people retiring to these communities may vary from 50s to 90s, but their need for assistance may vary. Thus, there are people in their 50s who need a lot of assistance, whereas others in their 90s who require very little type of assistance.

Many decide to join this type of communities for personal reasons, but generally they do it because they feel they can no longer properly care for themselves. Plus they want to get in touch with “fellow sufferers”, namely people going through similar situations.

When Is It Time to Consider Assisted Living?

It can be very difficult to see one of our senior loved ones no longer being able to take care of themselves as they used to. So reaching a middle ground becomes the healthiest way to tackle this issue.

First of all, highly principled assisted living facilities in Denver suggest you determine what type of help you may need. These activities may include bathing, going to the toilet, dressing, getting out of bed and getting into bed, being able to control one’s bowels, and the ability to feed oneself. In case you or your closed one is having troubles scoring higher than 2 out of 6, this may indicate the need to start considering assisted living.

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This can also be the case if your medical condition is getting worse. For instance, if your loved one has experienced falling down and not being able to get up for more than one or two times, this should be a warning sign.

Not being able to administer your finances well can be another indicator that assisted living may be the option for you. A messy living space can also suggest that the senior is no longer able to deal with mundane things and therefore needs special assistance in many areas of his/her life.

Where to See Fall Foliage This October Near Denver


Denver is known for having the longest period of fall colors in the USA. Because of that, you can go there and enjoy the beautiful fall foliage, especially during the month of October.

Rocky Mountain National Park is one such place to go and visit during this time of the year. It is located at about 1 hour and a half distance from Denver.

Georgetown and Silver Plume are also located close to Denver, and the view is very beautiful also. You can go on an amazing ride with the vintage locomotive on the Georgetown Loop Railroad. Another area which is full of aspen groves is located at about 75 minutes away from Denver. It is the area around Lake Dillon, Silverthorne and Frisco.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is to be found at a small distance from Denver, about 20 miles. It offers one of the most gorgeous panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains, so you can imagine the beauty of the landscape when the fall foliage gets all colorful.

The largest lake in Denver, called Sloan’s Lake, is another great place to go and see the amazing colors of the fall. Washington Park, i.e. Denver’s main traditional park, has two lakes and a tree-lined running path.

Where ever your travels take you – Happy Fall from expert senior living Denver providers – Rosemark at Mayfair Place!