How to Shop for Assisted Living Facilities in Denver?

An internet search using the keywords “assisted living in Colorado” reveal hundreds of thousands results. Browsing through different websites recommending such facilities is very helpful to find a few that seem best suited for the needs of your loved one who is going to relocate there.

There are different types of assisted living facilities, from independent living apartments and continuing care retirement communities to nursing homes. Besides, each of these is situated in a particular location and provides different services (medication management,  Alzheimer’s/dementia care, daily living assistance, nursing care etc.) and amenities. Besides, some provide different financing options and accept Medicaid/ Medicare or Long-Term Insurance. The costs of assisted living facilities in Denver vary depending on the amenities and level of luxury.assisted living facilities in Denver

The activities seniors have access to is another criterion that you must keep in mind when shopping for assisted living facilities in Denver. These may include social events, exercise classes, library, trips & outings etc.

Once you have a few facilities on your list that seem interesting enough to have a closer look on them, you will have to contact them and continue your research, in order to narrow your choice. Look for details about the level of professionalism of the staff, talk to other people who already live there and complete your image about them.

Are Your Parents Going to be Happy in an Assisted Living Situation?

When it comes to moving your parents to assisted living, you probably wonder if you are doing the right thing and if they are going to be happy in this new living situation.

Leaving the home where they have lived for decades and which stores most of their memories is definitely not easy. For some people, such an experience is often synonym with a loss.  On the other hand there are also people who do not expect their kids to deal with this transition for them and who make the preparations years earlier.  For them, it is easier to find happiness in this new living situation,  because they thought about it for a long time and took an informed decision.  Besides, having time to prepare this transition and do it in steps is very important for the way you are going to feel about it.

So, if you are not sure whether your parents are going to be happy in an assisted living situation, make sure to talk about it with them and try to handle their potential indecision. Make them understand that this step is necessary to avoid the unpredictability of their needs, as the time passes by.

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Your parents can learn to be happy in assisted living Denver care facilities and, in time, they will adjust, if you make sure their new living location has advantages that they appreciate.

Search for an assisted living community where they can feel safe, comfortable and entertained.  Also,   let them know that you will always be there for support.

Helpful Ideas That will Assist You to Connect with Your Parents in a Nursing Home

Connecting with your elderly parents can seem like a difficult task when they’re in a nursing home. Aside from the bitterness of being stuck there, they also have to face the prospect of not being able to get close to their family members except on certain days. Fortunately, there are ways to make their stay there as pleasant and engaging as possible:

  • What are some of your parents’ favorite activities? They might enjoy playing chess, cooking or watching a certain show or a type of program that encourages certain kinds of debates – either on politics, science or arts. Make sure you suggest those activities each time you visit, and ask them what new habits and hobbies they’ve taken up that you might take part in as well. Top quality nursing homes in Denver provide excellent care and opportunities for residents to engage in hobbies, socialization, and activities.

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  • Bring the grandchildren along every once in a while. All aging parents like to connect with their grandchildren, and your parents are no exception. As long as they can still keep close to their families, they won’t feel that bad about being stuck in a nursing home.
  • Bring the family album every now and then, and encourage some talk on reminiscing as well as on future plans. It’s important to keep happy memories alive as well as give your parents something to look forward to. Some old dreams can still be rekindled, and you can even help them to make those dreams come true, even if they had forgotten about them for the past 20 years.