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Things to do with Your Parents at Their Senior Living Home

Many people who relocate to senior living communities learn to adjust and enjoy the time in their new homes, experimenting new activities and making new friends.  However they will feel more stable and safer if you make a habit visiting your loved one at their senior living home.senior living activities

There are many things you can do together, during your visit.

  1. Crafts

Crafts are a great way to exercise your creativity and produce something beautiful, especially when you are in good company.   You and your parent can start by exploring websites that provide senior-friendly craft ideas and then decide what you are going to do together.  For example you can work on some decorations for your parent`s home, or create handmade presents for the next holidays. Many senior living centers, like Rosemark At Mayfair Park, offer a variety of activities and classes for their residents. Check with senior center activity directors to see if they have craft suggestions.

  1. Play games

Seniors love board games, so grab some new games with different themes and have fun!  Games are also great for people with cognitive diseases, although,  in this case,  you will have to stick to those with simpler rules, which your parent  can understand and remember.

  1. Teach your parent to use technology

You can help your parent becoming familiar to using their phone or tablet in order to keep in touch with you and other family members who live away.  Many will soon get addicted!

Sometimes Skilled Nursing is the Answer for Your Elderly Parent

There are different types of senior living communities.  Those providing nursing services are addressed to people who are recovering from injuries or accidents, as well as to those suffering from serious health issues.

Although you may not like to think about it, skilled nursing may become the answer for your elderly parent.

Skilled nursing services are provided by licensed nurses, trained to offer rehabilitation and complex wound dressings.  Residents in these facilities received 24-hours care. Skilled nursing facilities keep track of medication schedules, provide proper nutrition which is essential at every age and absolutely critical during recovery, as well as in-house physical therapy and activity.

Besides medical services, a full service skilled nursing facility in Denver also offers social and spiritual support.   Residents in these facilities are temporarily or permanently unable to do most of the things they used to, so there are not so many reasons to enjoy their lives.  To avoid the feeling of isolation and depression that may stall patients on the road to recovery, skilled nursing facilities help them stay in high spirits, through different activities.

Seeing your parent in a skilled nursing facility may be hard, but you will learn to adjust and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe, comfortable and permanently monitored.

Tips for Finding a Great Senior Living Community

As they get older, some people will not be able to handle safely all their daily tasks, so it all comes to senior care.

There are different types of senior living Denver communities providing a variety of services and amenities. Certainly spend some time finding the best one for your loved one’s needs, to ease the transition and ensure their long term quality of life and happiness.

First, you must figure out about the level of service you are looking for.  It is not a bad idea write down everything you need, even seemingly small details.  Make sure you also think about the future, because today your loved one may only need help with some daily tasks, but in the next few years, their needs can increase.senior living Denver communities

There are independent senior living Denver facilities that provide their residents the chance to live independently, but without the burden of owning their own homes.  Then, there are assisted living facilities, which still promote independent living but also provide help with home maintenance, transportation and daily tasks.  Finally, there are nursing care facilities providing continuous care for people with complex health issues as well as to those recovering from surgeries and injuries.

Look for a community that provides safety, a healthy environment, and professional services and is situated in a convenient location.

When is it Time to Move to a Retirement Community?

Relocating to independent living retirement communities in Denver is not an easy decision for some people.  After all, they will have to downsize, leave the home where they probably lived for decades and get used to a different lifestyle, in a new location.  That’s why many people postpone as much as they can the decision to move to a retirement community.retirement communities Denver

However, sometimes this decision has to be made.  It is the right time to consider this option in these following situations:

  • When your loved one needs more care than they can get at home and this takes a major toll on you and/ or your family. You can avoid this situation by moving your loved one into the safe and secure environment provided by a retirement community, where they will get proper assistance.
  • When home maintenance has become too difficult or even impossible

Even if an older adult wants to remain in their home as much as they can, this is not possible if they cannot keep up with the home maintenance.  If you notice that your loved one is struggling to perform regular tasks such as cleaning, performing small repairs, gardening or driving, it is most probably a sign that you must consider looking for a retirement community.  Whether you will opt for an independent living apartment, or assisted living, many of these communities offer services such as landscaping,  home repairs etc., besides medical assistance.

Know the Difference Between Good and Bad Nursing Homes

good skilled nursing facility in Denver provides great care

When you must take a loved one to a nursing home, you surely don’t want the care they receive to fall short of expectations.  The perspective that the nursing home you choose might be bad is frightening, so you will have to be very careful about the warning signs.

A good skilled nursing facility in Denver provides great care to each patient, quality treatments, considerate staff and a healthy environment.

On the other hand, there are some especially serious red flags indicating that a particular nursing home must be avoided, even if everything seems alright at first glance.

Pay attention to the behavior of your loved one and try to identify physical changes.  If they have become uncommunicative, withdrawn and somehow less able to function as they used to, it may be a sign of emotional abuse.  Also look for bruises or skin tears on hips, tights and other the areas that are not particularly visible, because they may indicate physical abuse.

However, you should remain realistic and understand that sometimes, some of these changes are inevitable and caused by the underlying disease.  They are not always related to poor care, so take them as clues, not proof, and investigate further, to get a correct picture of the situation.