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The Most Important Practices to Follow to Keep Your Older Parents Healthy

Because of COVID, elders are kept indoors more than anyone else, which according to many health experts, is a good thing. They are less likely to contract the virus in that way, so they can stay healthy and avoid being put in harm’s way. However, staying indoors also means that they get less fresh air and that they’re less active. So, as their child, you need to make sure that they don’t lose track of healthy habits.

For parents who live in the countryside or who own a house, this is easiest to rectify. Even though they might not be able to take frequent walks, they can compensate by working in the garden or tinkering in the garage. You can also encourage and help them with those actions.

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If your parents live in a senior living Denver apartment building or an assisted living center, this is a little harder to do. Not all buildings have safe outdoor areas where social distancing is practiced. So you’ll have to think outside the box. Make sure the apartment stays clean and gets plenty of fresh air. Also, you can get your parents fun indoor exercise programs to help them exercise, and get them involved in indoor sporting activities that can at least ensure a minimal of healthy exercise each day. Combined with a slightly stricter diet, these activities should help your aging parents improve their health and lifestyle during these trying times. Rosemark at Mayfair Park,, does an amazing job caring for elderly residents, and may be able to give you some helpful hints as well.

How to Help Your Elderly Parents During the COVID-19 Crisis

A lot of people believe that COVID will go away soon and that they can go back to living their normal lives. However, with vaccines still in the lab and with the number of cases surging occasionally, restrictions are not likely to be lessened too soon, and the aging elders who are most at risk are likely to still be targeted by officials and authorities who want to keep them out of harm’s way.

During this time, it’s important to know how you can help your elderly parents stay safe and healthy, and perhaps most importantly, keep positive and maintain their emotional health at the same time.

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Staying safe and keeping their distance is of paramount importance in this time. Make sure that your parents have everything they need and that they only have to go out once in a while. You can bring them masks, gloves and other safety equipment, and advise them on social distancing practices. You can also bring them extra food, clothes and cleaning supplies, and make sure they have everything they need – especially products that can’t be acquired easily by ordering them online or visiting local stores.

Keeping your parents emotionally healthy is also very important. For that purpose, make sure you teach them to communicate with family members online and encourage your family to interact with them in that way. Help keep them occupied with creative practices, books, crafts and physically engaging activities that can be done at home or in the garden. Elderly care experts at restorative assisted living facilities in Denver may be able to give you some tips on how to best care for your elderly family as well.

Helpful Tips for Adult Children Who Want to Help Their Aging Parents

As you’re getting older, you have to understand that your parents will be getting to an age where they are no longer the strong and reliable adults that you used to count on when you were young. Now it will be up to you to take proper care of them, and even though this isn’t easy, it’s important to realize that you CAN do it.

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Getting over the illusion that your parents can handle themselves is the most important hurdle for many adult children to get past. Your parents might want to think that they can still handle everything, but in truth their health might be deteriorating and they will need more and more help over time. So be sure to realize when this happens by looking for the signs, and try not to be complacent in thinking that your parents are still at a young age.

Schedule more visits. It helps a lot for an aging parent to see their children and grandchildren on a regular basis. While you might have a busy schedule, always try to integrate some time to see them, either in the weekends or even during the week sometimes. It will make a world of difference for them to see that you are still there and that you still care.

Finally, make sure you keep proper track of your parents’ health. There might come a time when you’ll have to look for a retirement assisted living Denver facility or have them move in with you so you can take proper care of them. Be sure that you’ll realize when that time comes and take the necessary action.

Essential Safety Practices That All Assisted Living Communities Should Follow

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Safety is very important when you’re taking care of individuals who can’t fully take care of themselves. Elders and people with disability who live in your assisted living or skilled nursing community rely on you to maintain the safety standards that will help keep them healthy and prevent accidents as much as possible.

An important safety practice at skilled nursing facility Denver communities is to prevent elders from falling down and make sure that they can contact a caregiver as soon as they do. Special devices exist that can wirelessly contact a caregiver as soon as the elder presses a button. Also, you can coordinate with the cleaning staff to avoid mopping certain floors when elders are more likely to walk there.

Fire drills are another safety practice that can save a lot of lives. Not everyone had a career as a firefighter, so you might expect some elders to not know what to do in the event of a fire. That’s precisely why teaching them the proper procedures and showing them how to operate a fire extinguisher should be considered a major priority.

Finally, make sure you hire and assign as many qualified nurses as possible throughout the facility, having at least one around at all time in case of a medical emergency. That way, the proper assistance can be provided in time, and lives can effectively be saved.


The Benefits of Aqua Exercise Classes for Older Adults and Elders

When you feel like you’re starting to get older, or you have to take care of an aging family member, exercise becomes more imperative for long term health. This especially holds true for people who don’t typically lead a very healthy or active lifestyle, or for those who have to work at a desk all day long.

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Aqua exercise classes – these, and many other activities, are offered at fashionable senior living Denver facilities too! –  can make a world of difference and help you get out of your normal groove, while spending time with like minded people going through similar struggles. Whether your doctor suggested them or you thought of the idea yourself, attending an exercise class will bring you a lot of health benefits, many of which you might not even have thought of:

  1. They’ll help you stay fit and active.
  2. They will improve your emotional health along with your physical health.
  3. Aqua physical exercise classes can be adapted to individual needs, so you can use them for everything from getting your daily workouts to losing a lot of weight.
  4. They’re great for elders who want to meet new friends.
  5. An aqua exercise class will also help you establish healthy habits in the long run, leading you to adopt a healthier lifestyle that may extend your life by many years.