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At Risk Older Parents and How to Help

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Senior age groups being more at risk and reacting more negatively to being confined to their homes, they need all the help they can get to stay comfortable. Per assisted living Denver professionals, here is how you can provide that help:

  • The tricks of grocery shopping – most seniors are used to specific grocery products and would consume nothing else, only their favorite brands. Before you go grocery shopping for your elderly loved ones, find out exactly what their preferences are in terms of food brands and stores;
  • Help with daily chores – in this field again, following instructions accurately is essential. Perform whatever chore you are allowed to and don’t try to change the ways things get done in your senior loved one’s household;
  • Spend quality time together – it might be difficult to allocate time to just be together, but it is very important. What your elderly loved ones appreciate the most is time spent together, either doing something together, such as cooking or gardening or just talking;
  • Pay attention to their health – even older adults whose medical problems are kept under control can develop new symptoms, so observe your seniors closely – often, careful observance is the only way because seniors tend to not answer health-related questions because they don’t want their caretaker to worry.

What to Do When You Can’t Visit A Parent

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The current lockdown has brought about lots of difficulties that we haven’t even imagined before, one of them being the inability to visit aging parents and taking care of them as we used to. The situation is difficult to cope with for everyone involved, but not impossible to solve – here are some tips from skilled nursing facility Denver caretakers:

  • Figure out the best method to stay in touch – phone calls and video calls are the two handiest methods. If your aging parents are familiar with video calls, you can enjoy longer, life-like conversations that feel very much like being together in the same space – if they are not, you can try to teach them how to use a simple video app;
  • Turn to your network of helpers – try to involve your parent’s neighbors or friends in the care process – it will be great relief for you to know that your parents are not completely alone in their home;
  • Figure out the best way for shopping – many stores today offer home delivery services, so you can buy everything your parents need and have the supplied delivered to their doorstep with a few clocks. If opening the door to take the deliveries is a problem, ask a neighbor to receive the deliveries and to take the shopping bags over to your parents.

Long Distance Relationships with An Older Parent

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Taking care of your elderly parents is difficult when you live next door to them – doing it remotely, while living hundreds or thousands of miles away from them is even more difficult. Here are some tips from elderly care experts at Rosemark at Mayfair Park to make it easier:

  • Plan regular calls – developing a plan with your elderly loves and sticking to that plan allows you to navigate your busy schedule more easily and will also give your elderly relatives something to prepare and to look for;
  • Involve others, too – you don’t have to be the only one taking care of your senior relative, you can involve neighbors, other family members, even the friends of your seniors. Try to develop a network of helpers who live in the same neighborhood with your senior relatives or who can visit them more easily and more frequently than you can and talk to those people regularly, too;
  • Make scans of important documents – it is often very difficult for elderly people to handle legal matters or tasks that involve authorities. Take your time to locate and to scan all the important legal and other documents that your elderly loved ones might need to make such situations easier to manage;
  • Hire help – if moving to an assisted living facility is not an option, try to find paid help to visit and assist your elderly loved ones regularly.

The Characteristics of Good Assisted Living Facilities

Choosing a good senior living facility for your senior loved one is not easy. To make the process a bit easier, here are some of the features to look for:

  • The quality of the care and the range of amenities – a good senior living Denver facility is clean (meaning that it looks clean and smells clean as well) and makes impeccable cleanliness mandatory for the employees as well. The building should also be properly maintained, obstacle-free and safe to navigate even for people with disabilities and the rooms need to be friendly and comfortable as well;Denver senior living
  • Varied and tasty meals – the quality of the food is essential for ensuring comfortable life for your senior, so make sure to test the meals served;
  • Social life and general atmosphere – in most senior living Denver facilities, it is easy to detect what the atmosphere is generally like. The way the residents act, the way they talk to each other in the common areas, the way the staff interacts with them are all very revealing. It is also very important to find out whether the facility has any cultural events, such as concerts or theater performances and organized programs, such as outings or trips for the residents.

Chair Exercises that Benefit Elderly

Physical exercise that is tailored to the physical condition of the person pursuing the exercise regimen is beneficial for mobility, for brain health, for balance, for flexibility and strength as well as for the person’s general well-being.

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The benefits are especially important for the elderly – fortunately, there are lots of great exercises offered by care specialists at nursing homes in Denver, that even people who cannot workout while standing or cannot do any exercises that involve the legs. Here are some:

  • Seated rows – this exercise mimics the movement one is doing while rowing and it is perfect for working the muscles of the shoulders, the arms and the back;
  • Inner thigh squeezes – this exercise is excellent for activating the muscles of the thighs. It is best done with a ball placed between the knees and squeezed, but if there is no ball available, it can be done using a pillow as well;
  • Knee extensions – this exercise is great for activating the muscles of the legs as well as for increasing the mobility of the knees. Your senior will have to sit next to the edge of the chair, to grab the seat edge with both hands, then to raise and stretch one leg, then the other.