Exercises for People with Limited Mobility

Aging is a complex process in which a variety of factors (pathological, genetic, lifestyle) are involved and are frequently associated with a reduction in functional capacity and the presence of chronic diseases. Physical inactivity and the presence of a sedentary lifestyle represent significant risk factors affecting the health status of the seniors.

Fortunately, respected assisted living facilities in Denver offer on site classes with exercises for people with reduced mobility, and the benefits of regular physical training for the seniors are clear and significant.

assisted living facilities in Denver offer exercise classes for elderly

Workout to improve muscle flexibility

These are recommended to maintain the right joint angles in elderly patients, with limited mobility. Stretching (10-15 sec), after a warm-up period, as well as light exercises to increase muscle strength play an important role in improving flexibility.

Exercises to improve the balance

The balance is affected by a number of factors: vision and hearing disorders, low muscle strength, poor coordination or some medications. The balance deficit can increase the risk of falls even in the absence of other traumas or fractures. Balancing can be improved by different techniques:

  • yoga
  • tai chi
  • exercises for the improvement of joint mobility
  • balance board exercises

Exercises to improve coordination

These consist of performing more complex activities that maintain neuromuscular efficiency, in exercises that involve crossing the midline of the body (e.g. dressing).

Celebrating Mother’s Day with Aging Parents

Happy Mothers Day from Rosemark Denver assisted living

Finding a perfect gift for Mother’s Day for women who have reached the senior age can be a real challenge for many. Older people are set in their ways, have their own preferences and some of them simply feel like they need nothing. This is actually a good thing, but it can be a bit discouraging for those who try picking a meaningful present for their mothers.

If you have a harmonious relationship with your mom, you probably want to be a bit more original than presenting yourself with a bouquet of flowers and a box of sweets or chocolate candies… So, here`s a bit of inspiration for you.

A woman never wants to be reminded that she is powerless or old. If you want, you can give her some gifts that will keep her mind active, such as a board game that will keep her mind active and her spirit – entertained.

Also, especially if over the years she has received and bought many jewels, you can give her a very beautiful jewelry box, in a decorative style that fits in her house. As a bonus, organizing jewelry will prove to be a very fun activity and will bring back nice memories.

You might also think about offering your mom a different kind of present that will also allow you to celebrate and spend time together. A relaxing session at the spa or tickets to a concert she wanted to attend are excellent ideas.

Happy Mothers Day from the attentive Rosemark assisted living Denver caretakers.




Healthy Food Choices for Elderly

senior health - nursing homes in Denver

Healthy eating is essential at any age, but it is even more important for the elderly, especially for people in nursing homes in Denver suffering from chronic conditions, such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Here are some tips about what to include into a healthy diet:

  • Include fruits and vegetables into your diet every day – the fibers, vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables are very important for a healthy digestion and the proper functioning of the body’s organs. People suffering from diabetes or from other conditions that require diet restrictions should pay attention to their fruit and vegetable choices, but there are so many options available that making the right choice should not be very difficult;
  • Replace fat meat with lean meat and other sources of protein – try to limit your intake of pork and consume more fish, chicken and poultry. Beans and mushrooms are also great sources of healthy proteins;
  • Whole-grain is the way – replace the pastry products and the pasta that contains white flour with whole-grain varieties. The change will add more healthy fiber to the diet and will help you keep your blood sugar at bay;
  • Consume plenty of healthy liquids – sugary or carbonated beverages should be replaced with fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and plain water.

Quality nursing homes in Denver value and contribute to the health of their residents. Healthy food, and opportunities for physical and socializing activities play a consistent role in the daily life of caregivers and residents.