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Weekend Activities for Senior Citizens in Denver

Denver offers lots of opportunities for senior living Denver citizens to enjoy their weekends and get out of their houses.

You can easily find programs, classes and events created especially for seniors, to nurture their body, spirit and mind. These activities provide entertainment, but also support, opportunities and guidance to improve health and wellness. All of them are great for people who want to live their lives to the maximum, even if they are not young anymore. Taking part in senior living Denver programs also brings a good sense of community, which is very important.

Denver provides many senior living Denver programs and experiences

Other easy to navigate and affordable activities that seniors can enjoy in Denver include:

Going to the museum

There are excellent museums in Denver (the Art Museum, the Museum of Nature and Science etc.), with lots of permanent and temporary exhibitions. Some of them offer free entrance tickets to seniors.

Going to the theater

Although most theaters are closed due to social distancing regulations, many theaters are offering unique online experiences to provide very interesting cultural plays, musicals and concerts.

Have a scenic drive

Adventurous seniors can take their car (or rent a car!) and drive up to the Rocky Mountains National Park, where they can enjoy scenery, fresh air, family fun or escape.


Staying Healthy During Flu and Cold Season

Quality care nursing homes in Denver are diligently doing everything they can to keep your loved ones safe and healthy. If you have any respiratory symptoms, fever, or other conditions associated with COVID-19, you are urged to refrain from visiting nursing care facilities.nursing homes in Denver provide quality care

Low temperatures and influenza viruses can put people`s health in danger, and if you want to prevent the flu without getting a vaccine, you need to know that there are plenty of methods that can protect you and enhance the protection provided by the vaccine.

Strengthening the immune system is the secret to a good health that cannot be disturbed by contact with an influenza virus or any other nature. To do this, you should consume probiotics, honey, phytochemicals and high protein foods.

Practice sports. Physical exercises make your heart beat at a rate that increases the body’s ability to kill viruses.

Rest. Lack of sleep lowers your immunity so you’d better rest properly, to have a strong body that fights against viruses attack.

Give up drinking. Alcohol dehydrates the body, weakens it and turns it into a safe victim for viruses. Replace alcoholic drinks with fruit juices full of vitamins, or hot herbal teas that decongest the respiration.

Use disinfectant. Your hands, keyboard, mouse, desk and any surface near you should be disinfected each day, during the flu season.

Wash your hands and protect your mouth and nose when you sneeze. The more often you wash your hands, the less likely you are to contact a virus. When sneezing, you should not cover your nose and mouth with your hand, but with a napkin than must be thrown to the bin immediately after.

What Hobbies are Popular in Senior Care Residences

Gardening at Mayfair

Retirement typically allows people to have more control over their time; now, they can finally do whatever they want. A healthy mind in a healthy body should be your guiding phrase – and hobbies can help you reach this goal.

In senior care residences, like this one, popular hobbies include:


Painting is a relaxing art, especially since seniors can rediscover it in the company of their grandchildren. For starters, material costs are insignificant.

If you are passionate about reading, you can set up a book club where, in the company of some friends or acquaintances, you can read and discuss various authors.

Writing can be an activity that may even bring you a small income, if you become a blogger. Put your life stories on paper – and you might discover that you have some writing talent and people appreciate it!

Gardening and cooking

If you enjoy and have been praised for the cakes you make, you may want to try to make this a lucrative hobby. Quality always finds its customers. You can deliver the products yourself or try to distribute them through a store.

Working in the garden combines being active with the pleasure of being outdoors. If you do not have a garden, you can easily arrange one on your balcony, using different pots and seeds.


Relaxing Spa Treatments for Seniors

Denver retirement communities offer spa treatments

Spa treatments offered in luxury retirement communities in Denver, can help seniors regain their physical and mental balance. Combining integrated therapies with relaxation and fun, a spa treatment can improve your health and overall mood.

  1. Anti-stress

A relaxing therapeutic massage will definitely help you chase the stress away. Moreover, depending on each spa, you may also be able to relax in a sauna, in a saline environment, or in a swimming pool. Regardless of the method you prefer, you can be sure that you will leave home much more relaxed.

  1. Health

At the spa, you can get in touch with a nutritionist who will offer you important tips on healthy nutrition, tailored to your needs. Moreover, you can also receive help from a personal trainer who will create a fitness program tailored to the particularities of your body and health. You can learn what you need and how to keep yourself in the best shape!

  1. Improving blood circulation

Spa therapies such as massages, hot packs or sauna sessions will help you improve your blood circulation and, consequently, lower your blood pressure. The benefits to your health are truly innumerable.

  1. Detoxification

Detoxification is the process by which you eliminate toxins from the body, accumulated because of mistakes in your diet and lifestyle. Detoxification therapies can help eliminate bloating and water retention.

Board Games to Enhance Brain Functioning

In general, all board games are beneficial to couples, families, but also to individuals, because besides providing entertainment, they actually enhance mental health.

A recent study revealed that brain stimulation with games like cards, rummy, crossword puzzles, escape room board games etc. is very beneficial for the brain. Older people who participated in such activities at least once a week for 20 years reduced the risk of dementia by 7 percent. When searching for active senior living Denver facilities, be sure to look for ones that offer a variety of brain boosting activities and physical exercise senior living Denver

Board games stimulate the brain areas responsible for the complex formation of thinking and memory, which results in the development of some essential cognitive skills (e.g. problem solving and decision making).

Laughter is a kind of “side effect” of board games and also one of the basic ingredients of creativity and well-being, because laughter and fun generally help reduce stress, which is beneficial for the good functioning of the brain. Playing board games triggers the body to release endorphins (which are known as the happiness hormones); these are natural substances of the body that induce well-being. Perceived as a positive emotion, the “hormones of happiness” have the power to improve the conscious and unconscious functions of the mind, making the person feel happy, more compassionate and also more satisfied with their life.