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How Does A Person Qualify for Assisted Living

Assisted living homes are facilities that provide long-term care services to their residents admitted after an evaluation procedure. The services provided by these facilities include personal care and health care, assistance with daily chores, medicine administration, meals as well as recreational activities – if your aging relative has difficulties tending to all these chores, here is how a person can qualify for assisted living retirement communities in Denver:

  • Health condition – while the admission criteria are different for each facility, most assisted living homes are for people who have certain difficulties moving around and performing daily activities, but are in fairly good health. This means that most homes do not encourage the admission of persons suffering from severe cognitive impairment, who require permanent supervision or who have extensive medical needs – these people should seek admission in a nursing home;
  • Paperwork – the people seeking admission in an assisted living facility will need to submit various documents, including a physician’s order for admission and for medications and treatment, a document issued by the candidate’s primary care doctor about the person’s medial history, test results proving that the person is negative for tuberculosis as well as an assessment of the person’s financial situation to determine how the costs of care will be paid.

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Outdoor Activities for Seniors Who Use Wheelchairs

wheelchair activities

A good wheelchair is great help for seniors who can no longer move around safely, being a great tool that opens up many possibilities to move around and that ends home confinement and insecurity. Here are some activities that seniors can attend in their wheelchairs:

  • A community event in the nearby park – most such parks are used as venues for community events, such as concerts, fairs or craft shows when the weather is nice. Many of these places are suitable for navigating in a wheelchair, so seniors should encounter no difficulties getting to the park and moving around it;
  • Just strolling around – wheelchairs are useful in overcoming physical difficulties and therefore they can give back the user the pleasure of talking a walk around the block or setting off on a longer stroll in the neighborhood;
  • Dock fishing – some forms of fishing require the fisherman to move to the middle of the river or of the lake, but dock fishing is done from a pier or from a flat dock and is therefore an enjoyable activity for anyone who loves nature as well as the excitement of the capturing process. For more success, try to find out about the type of fish that you can catch in the chosen area as well as about the hooks or baits that work best.

There are many incredible activities, both onsite and in the local community, for senior residents at top assisted living facilities in Denver.

Gift Ideas for Seniors

Rosemark - gifts for elderly suggestions

Finding the perfect gift is never easy, but picking a great present for the elderly person in your life is even harder. The task is even more difficult if the elderly person has everything they can possibly need, so here are some great ideas from caregivers, like those found at Rosemark, to help you:

  • A picture book – collecting pics with you, your family and with you and your elderly loved one together into a picture book is one of the best choices, a very personal gift that will surely make the receiver happy;
  • A soft, fluffy blanket – most elderly people have poor circulation and they feel cold most of the time, so a soft, fluffy blanket will enhance their comfort and will make them think of you;
  • A household appliance that makes life easier – if your elderly loved one has difficulties tending to household chores, get a gift that can make housework easier. Vacuum cleaning can be especially hard, so getting a robotic vacuum might be a great idea;
  • A gift related to their hobby – if your elderly relative loves gardening, a set of small gardening tools or comfortable gardening shoes might be the perfect fit; if they like music, a playlist, a CD or a vinyl record from their favorite performer is surely a gift that will make them happy.

Tips about Choosing Activities that Offer Brain Boosting Benefits

Our brain health is essential for all our activities, for the health of all our organs – in short, for everything we do. Like any organ in the body, the brain also tends to slow down with age, but the aging process can be efficiently slowed down or halted with exercise – here are some great and entertaining activities suggested by skilled nursing facility Denver staff members that can boost brain function:

activities suggested by skilled nursing facility Denver staff

  • Jigsaw puzzle – whether you take a 4,000-piece puzzle or you play with a small one, matching shapes and colors to slots to recreate a picture is a great way to train your brain and to have fun;
  • Crosswords – a great way to maintain a vast vocabulary as well as to learn new words and new information;
  • Taking up a new hobby – learning a new skill is always refreshing for the mind, the body and the soul as well. Whether it is knitting, learning a musical instrument or a new language, car repair, bridge or painting, the process has enormous, proven benefits for brain function, including concentration, decision making and problem solving;
  • Meditation – the practice has proven stress-relief benefits, it is a great way to improve brain function in stressful periods and it can also ameliorate depression.

What is the Difference Between a Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facility?

senior living Denver facilities offer a variety of senior care options

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are both places that focus on providing their residents support, assistance with daily living and professional medical care, but there are significant difference between the two types of homes – here are some:

  • Services and care – while assisted living facilities are for residents who have difficulties handling daily tasks, but are in fairly good physical condition and don’t require any specialized assistance, nursing homes are for people who need round the clock care and suffer from complex medical conditions that require specialized attention and care, such as respiratory care;
  • The appearance of the facility – while nursing homes are very similar to hospital environments, assisted living facilities are more like an apartment community, with residents living in their own apartments where they can cook and handle daily tasks if they can and want to. Nursing homes usually have rooms shared by two or three residents, while assisted living facilities provide individual apartments or suites.

Whether the best choice for your elderly loved one is an assisted living facility or a nursing home depends on many factors, such as financial aspects, but the most important difference between the two types of senior living Denver facilities is the level of the care needed.