Trey Taylor Coming To Rosemark

Trey Taylor’s manager wrote this to Rosemark at Mayfair Park and now he is performing on February 13th at 3:00.

“Trey is currently off tour and spending time in Colorado and began brainstorming that he would like to do a special fun performance for seniors and a friend of his referred us to you. Growing up in a family that was centered around retirement homes, Trey always wanted to celebrate institutions like the ones he grew up around as well as encourage his fans around the world to do the same. He asked all of us to do some research and find a special place to consider so we did more research, liked what we saw and presented you to Trey (He had an opportunity to look at your website) and he absolutely loved what he saw and asked me to reach out this afternoon to see you would be interested in having him. I think the residents would be extremely enthusiastic about the performance.”

Check out his story on this video: