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Computer Tablets For Senior Citizens

Tablets are very convenient devices due to their size, portability and features that allow users to do anything they used to do with a computer desktop. This is the reason why many people go straight for a tablet these days and skip purchasing a computer.
Tablets are particularly convenient for senior citizens.
senior couple using laptop
For them, the most important uses of a computer include catching up with family & friends on social networks, reading emails, watching movies, reading books, playing games and browsing through various websites. They can do all these with a tablet. Search for a healthy senior living Denver centers that will support using tablets and other electronic devices to help their seniors keep in touch with loved ones.
Many brands create personalized tablets containing only essential features for senior citizens, meeting the specific needs of their age: bigger display icons and text, simplified menus, hearing and vision accommodations etc. They provide one-touch access to most functions and are customized like this because seniors are typically not so tech-friendly and they would never enjoy a device that confuses them.
If you cannot afford to buy a new tablet for your senior parent, you can still customize an old tablet and make it senior-friendly. There are some software applications that help you simplify the appearance of a regular tablet and even provide remote access, which means that you will be able to access your mother or father`s tablet from your laptop or Smartphone and help them if they get stuck.

Best Exercises for Older People

Daily exercising is a powerful factor in maintaining the health even in older people. It doesn’t matter the age; as long as you do some regular light exercising, you will reduce the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes or some forms of cancer.
Another benefit of exercising is that it alleviates the pains caused by arthritis, a condition commonly diagnosed in elderly people. The introduction of exercising into your lifestyle also improves balance, flexibility and resistance. When searching for perfect active retirement communities in Denver, you will want to make sure that there are fitness opportunities on site.
Before choosing a form of exercising suitable for elderly people, it is necessary to request some recommendations from your doctor.
group of senior and young people exercising
Here are the best exercises that older people can do daily or at least a few times per week.
• Light aerobic training
• Cardio exercises lasting about 5 minutes (light running, cycling etc.)
• Lively walking for 20-30 minutes each day
• Swimming, tennis or hiking are other forms of training that can easily adapt to the physical condition of an elderly person
• Squats, to maintain the leg muscles and joints
• Light weight lifting
• Side flexion of the legs to strengthen the thighs, buttocks and buttock muscles
• Toe raises, to improve balance
• Stretches of the upper part of the body, for better flexibility

Games to Keep Your Brain Active

The brain, like the entire body, loses its performance over time. This is especially true when the brain is neglected and does not receive proper “maintenance” service. Here are some games for mental fitness.
pictograph of gears in head
“Brain Training” by Dr. Kawashima is a program which consists of a series of mental games designed to improve brain performance related to attention, concentration, memory, thinking flexibility, problem solving, stress performance etc.
Another brain training program is offered by Lumosity. Lumosity provides a series of online mental games grouped on various aspects of brain function, similar to Dr. Kawashima’s program. You can go through an entire set of exercises to stimulate the overall brain function, or you can choose to focus exclusively on some brain functions.
There are also simpler games known for their beneficial effects on the brain: Sudoku, Tetris, chess, or crosswords. There are scientific studies that reveal a correlation between these games and a decreased risk of degenerative mental illnesses. They also revealed a direct connection between such games and an actual increase of the mental capacities.
Besides the games to keep your brain active, do not forget about regular exercising and meditation; their contribution is significant, especially if they are completed with an adequate diet and rest.
We all know that keeping our mind and body active and engaged gives us a better chance of living independently. When it comes time to look for caring nursing homes in Denver for your loved ones, make sure that in the facility you choose, there are games and activities to help keep your loved ones motivated to strengthen both their mind and body.

Options For Caring For Elderly Parents

 happy elder people hugging each other
The obligation to care for an elderly parent can be consuming in many ways and you may experience sadness and pessimism. However, you can still see the positive side every day and such an experience should also make you think seriously about your own retirement, and maybe make you do more than your parents did in this respect.
Here is what you can do for your elderly parents:
Independent living facilities
If your parents can still take care of themselves and are able to do most things on their own, relocating them to an independent assisted living Denver facility is a great solution. These facilities have very good residential settings designed for making elderly people’s lives easier.
Consider professional help
If care needs are extensive and challenging, consider hiring a caretaker and coordination services. Check local agencies and health-care networks providing geriatric support; they can help you create a care plan, and identify ways to reduce the costs and effort.
Keeping your parents in their house vs. moving them into a nursing home
Although most people want to age in their own home, surrounded by dear memories, this may be challenging and impossible in some cases. Moving mom and dad from their home into a nursing home may be trying, but sometimes it is the only solution and you must be prepared for this, if the time comes.