ADVISORY — Help protect our residents.

If you have any respiratory symptoms, fever or have traveled to an area which is experiencing the Coronavirus please refrain from coming to Rosemark.

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Do you know a senior at risk of abuse?

Top 10 Signs of Potential Elder Abuse

  1. Withdrawal, depression and fear of talking openly
  2. Isolation, especially from family or friends
  3. Physical trauma, such as burn marks, unexplained bruises and welts
  4. Poor personal hygiene, such as bad odor or dirty, matted hair
  5. Malnourishment, dehydration or an untreated medical condition
  6. Unsanitary living conditions
  7. Bank withdrawals when the elder cannot access the bank
  8. Signatures on checks and financial statements do not match the elder’s signature
  9. Change in spending patterns, and purchasing unneeded or unusual items
  10.  Suspicious will changes, such as switching the primary beneficiary to a non-family caregiver

At Rosemark, we vigilantly protect our residents from harm.

Many older adults are at risk of financial abuse, neglect, physical harm, plus emotional and verbal attacks. As elders become more frail, they’re less able to resist bullying, track finances and follow legal documents. They may not hear or see as well or think as clearly as they used to, leaving openings for unscrupulous people to take advantage.

We work with families to identify former abuse and document possible offenders. Our technology reminds and alerts staff and caregivers of this information.

In addition, our caregivers are keenly aware of any resident distress that may signal abuse. We note behavior before and after contacts via phone, email and in person.

Our comprehensive process and careful observation have thwarted situations that may have led to abuse.

“Due to quick reaction from the Rosemark staff, a known elder abuser was thwarted. Rosemark handled the situation with precision and care. I am so delighted and thankful. This is exactly what I expected from a group of responsible people who have done their homework regarding knowing all the residents and their special requirements. The system is working. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

– Daughter of a Rosemark Resident

Bringing generations together for a chat and a smile.

In July, a lively group of young people from Mile High Job Corp flooded through Rosemark’s doors and sat down with our Trellis Memory Support residents. The laughter and stories could be heard throughout the community, as residents schooled millennials on owning the world’s first credit cards and the youngsters responded with tales of self-driving cars.

This pairing was made possible by Rosemark’s new partnership with Bessie’s Hope, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing generations together in mutually rewarding relationships. Rosemark expects to engage Bessie’s Hope volunteers monthly.

Stay tuned for the next visit!

Learn More About Wildfires, Aug. 10

Active Minds presents Wildfires

For those who live in areas at risk of wildfires, few things are more frightening. Join Active Minds as we examine firefighting, forest policy, weather and the impact of swaths of dead trees killed by the pine beetle infestation. We’ll also look at the role of fire in nature and how areas recover from devastating burns.

Thurs., August 10, 10 am at Rosemark