Aging is an inevitable, natural process – there are lots of methods to postpone the appearance of the first signs of passing time, but each of us will experience them sooner or later. Modern Western society’s concern with aging has led not only to the emergence of techniques that try to halt time, but also to the stigmatization of old age, to regarding seniors with a certain disapproval – an attitude that prevents younger people from establishing strong, meaningful relationships with their elderly relatives and that makes the process of aging very difficult to cope with for the elderly.

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The best way to remove the stigma of old age is by communicating openly with our seniors. They might have difficulties moving around and they might be experiencing a certain mental slowing as well, but they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience that can unfold and reveal itself through talking. Finding caring nursing homes in Denver is important to them and their families. Real, deep, self-revealing conversations with seniors is the best way to find out what they want and break down the biases that many younger people have and also the best way to convince seniors that they are still important members of their smaller and larger community, of their family, of their neighborhood, that their knowledge and their presence is valuable.