senior living in Denver

Reading is among one of the favorite pass-time activities for senior living Denver retirees – whether they prefer to read in the traditional form, holding the book in their hands, they like using the computer or a mobile device, such as a tablet or a laptop or they prefer listening to books read aloud by famous actors in the form of audio materials, books are an important source of entertainment for the older generations. However, not all genres are favorites with seniors – here are some that enjoy great popularity among them:

  • Romantic novels – ladies just love beautiful, romantic, old-fashioned love stories with happy endings;
  • History books – books that offer a detailed account of an era, such as World War II, are also very popular among seniors;
  • Classics – whether American classic novels or important works of world literature, classics will never lose their popularity;
  • Poetry – poems are great favorites and not only among the ladies, but among the gentlemen as well;
  • Whodunits – crime stories, thrillers and murder mystery stories are also the preferred choice of the elderly;
  • Espionage novels – these captivating stories are also the preferred choice of the senior generation, especially the ones that deal with the Cold War period.