LEAF Philosophy


Research shows that those who age successfully find balance across all facets of their lives: maintaining physical activity, engaging in meaningful social relationships, and exploring new and novel intellectual pursuits. At Rosemark’s Denver assisted living for seniors, we take this one step further with our LEAF philosophy.


Rosemark is a place where people come to live. Not just live out their lives, but truly live each moment. As a new resident, we’ll ask you about your past, interests and hobbies, but we don’t stop there. We want to know the things you have always wanted to do and learn more about.


We all need a sense of purpose and to contribute to the world. At Rosemark, you’ll go deeper to enhance your life and enrich the lives of others.


What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail? At Rosemark, we listen to your dreams and support their reality. That may mean helping to bake your famous peach cobbler for your new neighbors, learning Spanish, perfecting a new yoga pose or going on an entirely new adventure. Rosemark is a place where you can aspire to be more.


Cultivation is at the core of Rosemark, from our lush gardens to the growth of our residents and associates. Each member of our community contributes to Rosemark’s warm culture, providing you with every opportunity to flourish.

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