Murray & Eleanor

When Diane’s parents chose their first assisted living community, it was a good fit. However, things quickly changed. Her mom’s failing health and her dad’s failing memory meant that Diane was making frequent trips across the Front Range to check up on her parents. “Without a license to provide medical care, this community couldn’t deliver the monitoring and intervention my parents needed,” Diane said.

After Diane’s mother passed away, Diane looked beyond a large institutional environment to one that would nurture her father’s health and happiness.

Diane moved Jim to Rosemark at Mayfair Park in part because of the responsiveness of our small, intimate community. “The physical surroundings are beautiful, but the integrity and caring of the staff counts more. From the owners to the caregivers to the concierge, they all truly care about Dad.”

“After six weeks at Rosemark, Dad’s geriatrician couldn’t believe he was the same person. He’s happier, calmer, rested, eats better and is well groomed.”

The advantages of a small, intimate community under local ownership.
The hands-on ownership of Anne Rosen and Mark Cytrynbaum encourages warm relationships and integrity. “Rosemark caregivers are respectful, kind and qualified,” stated Diane. Under their gentle stewardship, Jim cheerfully cooperates with daily tasks, like bathing and dressing.

“I’m just so glad my father is at Rosemark.”

Rosemark FamiliesRosemark gives older people the respect and grace to celebrate their individuality.

“We love our new home at Rosemark!”

– Eleanor, Rosemark resident

There are so many nice things to say about this lovely retirement community, I hardly know where to begin! Rosemark is brand new and absolutely spacious with its 12-foot ceilings. The warm, friendly and most comfortable lobby/living room is just off our apartment, which makes it easily accessible and perfect for saying “good morning” to our new friends. Our dining room is also right there – easy to get to through its wide open spaces. But Rosemark is far more than just bricks and mortar!

“Rosemark’s outstanding caregivers are why we have loved our new home from the very first day we arrived.”

There are not enough words to describe what I call the best angels on this earth. The caregivers at Rosemark, each and every one of them, care for my husband with such patience, tenderness and devotion, you would think that he is related to them.

I have never met people so dedicated to making sure that his every need is taken care of, day and night. And always with a smile and with good humor, no matter that it may be 3 o’clock in the morning! They even dutifully laugh at his jokes. These caregivers are the epitome of what a true caregiver should always be. They go beyond the “assisted” in the phrase “assisted living.” They are the spirit and energy of Rosemark!

“One of the nicest perks of living at Rosemark is that our family is not too far away from this lovely neighborhood. They can visit often, without having to travel in downtown traffic or speed along highways.”